CASHMEREINLOVE Flagship Store by URAStudio, Istanbul – Turkey

November 12th, 2015 by retail design blog

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce the opening of the CASHMEREINLOVE flagship store in Bebek! After months of hard work, the doors of the brand’s own flagship store on Küçükbebek Caddesi No. 2 are now open.

Together with architect Emir Uras of URAStudio, the CASHMEREINLOVE duo Esra and Tolga created a design concept focused on refined purity. A neutral color palette and clean geometrical shapes juxtaposed with high-end materials convey an air of optimism and stealth luxury that serve as an eclectic backdrop to the brand’s sleek statement pieces and their sensual play between feminine and masculine silhouettes.

Uras, who signs responsible for several prestigious projects in Istanbul, designed an exciting retail space that lets customers experience the spirit of art, travel, craftsmanship, and subtle luxury the brand is identified with. Key architectural features include an installation that covers an entire wall in abstract geometric cut outs and a handcrafted cascading brass sculpture that both add to the dazzling play of textures, silhouettes and natural light inside the store. The collections are sparsely hung on custom made brass clothes rails scattered across a seamless Terrazzo floor.

CASHMEREINLOVE designer Esra Bezek-Dikencik reverts to an old Sufi wisdom to illustrate how it feels to open the brand’s first flagship store in the upscale neighborhood of Bebek: “It is in the nature of beauty to desire manifestation.” With several international CASHMEREINLOVE sales points and a sleek online store, the eye-catching mono-brand shop is a comprehensive extension of the brand’s distinctive portfolio. CASHMEREINLOVE is a luxury knitwear brand defined by its advanced contemporary style. Founded in 2007 in Istanbul, the brand is inspired by a desire to allow women to enjoy wearing cashmere beyond classic cuts and colors.

Design: URAStudio / Emir Uras
Photography: Ali Bekman

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