Actiu Showroom, Barcelona – Spain

December 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

Actiu has opened a new showroom in Barcelona. It is situated in the heart of the city, at 10, Tuset street, directly connected to Diagonal Avenue, placing itself as one of the benchmarks amongst the buildings of great historical and architectural value, with corporate and creative spaces of the highest standard. The design has currently turned it into one of the key business strategies. To obtain a differentiation, to be innovative and competitive is achieved through applying effective design management.

Barcelona is one of the few places which boast and enjoy an integrated and distinctive design culture from which are nurtured all those companies which work from the city.

According to the data provided by the Sector Report (carried out by the town hall), Barcelona has designers from more than 55 countries, internationally renowned top professionals who favour the creation of a powerful and differentiate brand image, an industry of knowledge and training represented by 50 of the most important centres and institutions such as Barcelona Design Centre (BCD), Fostering Arts and Design (FAD) and the professional associations from the sector.

This strategy is reinforced with new projects of design diffusion and promotion such as the new Actiu showroom, which was devised as a light, airy and attractive environment designed under the premise of well-being. We have designed every detail to meet the needs which, according to the latest research on workplaces, should be kept in mind: identity, versatility, well-being and sustainability.

In this sense, it has created a friendly, comfortable and flexible environment in which one has taken care of the lighting, acoustics, colour, distribution and a selection of furniture in order to optimise each room. A meeting and reflection place that allows us to house in one room, an innovative sample of our product and brand, which furthermore, is used daily by the Sales and Project Development team in Barcelona emphasising its practicality.

The most important developments by Actiu are present in this showroom: The wraparound chair, Badminton, essential for presentations, debates and talks; the awarded Wing, a chair for communities which can adapt themselves to any space or need, Longo, seats and desks that allow hundreds of configurations thanks to its modular structure; Shey, a fresh proposal for those moments of relaxation to share confidences.

Nor can anyone miss Mobility, the desk that allows one to work standing or sitting down, increasing the ability of user concentration and productivity; Cron, a managerial chair, whose presence dresses any office; Prisma, operating desks which convey the warmth of the Nordic style and Link, a program of sound absorbing modular panels which create the required islands of privacy in any office.

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