Chocólatras Store by Studio Cinque at Barra Shopping Mall, Porto Alegre – Brazil

January 12th, 2016 by retail design blog

Located in Barra Shopping Mall the new Chocólatras store is a chocolate lovers’ paradise that embraces the authentic art of artisanal chocolate making. The store has a patisserie, coffee area, chocolate shop display and ice cream area, all in 50 m2.

The design of the interior of the store incorporated all equipments needed in a discreet way to make the store seems more spacious. The interiors are simple, but yet full of inspired details.

The layout was planned to make circulation efficient and service dynamic. The counter and the display areas were designed to make the store attractive and showcase their beautiful products. There is an array of handmade chocolates displayed in temperature controlled windows and a large selection of packaged chocolate and frozen products ready to purchase and take home.

All cabinetry was custom designed and manufactured with textured melamine in earthy tones. The brown, red and orange color palette of the brand was used in the furniture, light fittings and signage creates a lively setting. To give local personality and speak to chocolate lovers, the store was decorated with images of products and quotes to evoke a relaxed atmosphere to indulge yourself.

More than just a place to enjoy the products, the project aimed to encourage clients to try new products and take them home. The display area designed in the back of the store considered distribution, density of product and lighting to enable a right perception and highlight the products. The use of led lighting completes the ambience. On top, the length of the refrigerated displays, the distribution of points of sale, fulfill the requisite to avoid agglomerations and to encourage clients to handle some products.

The interiors emphasized the showcase of the products, taking advantage of the seating adjacent to the store in the mall area. The aim of the new concept of the store was to create a modern, warm and inviting setting for gourmet chocolate lovers and coffee appreciators, incorporating the history and tradition of the brand. All the elements of this project were designed to grant personality and a strong identity to the Chocólatras Store and will be used in the new units, to open soon.

Design: Studio Cinque / Lisiane Scardoelli
Graphic Design: Plexo Design Lab
Photography: Marcelo Donadussi

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