Grand Café Lochergut by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zurich – Switzerland

July 14th, 2016 by retail design blog

For the interior design of Grand Café Lochergut Design Duo DYER-SMITH FREY created a contemporary interpretation of the Parisian coffeehouses in the 50ies. On almost 130 square meters, encircled by generous window facades, the Grand Café Lochergut located at Badenerstraße in Zurich performs as a perfect “See and be seen” venue. For this project, the owner – Restaurateur Yves Niedermayr, Furniture Dealer Adil Pajaziti and Interior Designer James Dyer-Smith incorporated their core competence perfectly. The result: a mixture of well-proven coffeehouse tradition, state-of-the-art design and contemporary cuisine. Culinary delights meets uncomplicated coffehouse ambience.

Grand Café Lochergut provides different seating-areas: the bar, by the window, the lounge or the sun terrace. The dining area shapes the center of the room. Its social table offers uncomplicated encounters to the people from the quarter. Three concise, rectangular columns and a generous, elongated bar structures the Grand Café. The interior concept is characterized by dark, vertically processed oak square timber and luxurious brass. The bar, accentuated by four chandeliers, is the visual focus of the Grand Café.

The rear steel-shelf-construction for the bar’s bottles allows a view into the open kitchen. The warm, earthy color scheme is complemented by a bright, geometric wallpaper and armchairs made of gray suede. The furniture reflects these leading design elements: tables made form stained oak with brass milled edges, bar stools and benches in dark tufted leather. The Grand Café shows a diverse, vibrant design-concept that unites bar, bistro, café and restaurant. A place in the quarter for the quarter.

Photo credits: Nico Schärer

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