Enercon stand by Ache | Stallmeier at Hannover Messe 2016, Hannover – Germany

July 20th, 2016 by retail design blog

With the central stand at Hannover Messe 2016, Enercon introduces its new brand architecture corporate design for the coming four years. The company is currently in a process of change as it is evolving from a producer of wind energy converters into a holistic energy service provider. At Hannover Messe 2016, this change will be communicated for the first time, with the new stand concept visually presenting the evolution under way.

In accord with the corporate philosophy and the context of regenerative energies, a high value was placed on sustainability and the conscious use of resources for the development of the stand concept. The stand is fixed for four years. Almost all components will be employed frequently for further installations in the years to follow. The realignment of the ENERCON brand as a holistic energy service provider will be emphasised by an architectural stand concept with a modern and technical appearance.

The use of glass and fins enables the architecture to transport the new openness of the corporate philosophy which accompanies the evolution of the company. Ease and transparency govern the concept. The gradational nuances of green, which are typical of ENERCON, provide for colourful accents and brand recognition.

The anthracite grey frames, which encompass all stand components, “earth” the concept and create a technical and cool background for the technological brand message. Glossy and mirroring surfaces additionally underline the premium quality of the products of this technological market leader. This futuristic world is contrasted by a great number of plants and the extensive use of wooden decor. This break underlines the “green” claim of the brand and creates a friendly and natural atmosphere for the visitors.

Design company: Ache | Stallmeier Messeplanung und Gestaltung (Sandra Stallmeier and Martin Ache)
Photography: Joachim Grothus
Stand constructor: mac messe- und Ausstellungscenter Service GmbH

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