Sheva packaging by Maya Goldberg

July 26th, 2016 by retail design blog

Food Packaging for the products produced from the Seven Species, Israel’s finest crops – Wheat, Barley, Vine, Pomegranate, Fig, Olive and Dates. Inspired by the graphic language of the 50’s when Israel was in it’s diapers. A time that agriculture and farming were at it’s peak. Sheva, Is a nostalgia of those beautiful modest and delicate times with a modern twist.

(Student Project)

Designed by Maya Goldberg

Ben Sherman EC1 Chino packaging
Ben Sherman EC1 Chino packaging
CHRISTMAS! Christmas range by Lick the Spoon
Christmas range by Lick the Spoon
Aus Baus bus medaus Honey student project packaging by Gabija Platukyte
The main inspiration for this project was bee itself.
Azahar Orange Wine by Sabina Alcaraz
We can't taste it before buy it. This label invites to try and taste this or...

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