Normann Copenhagen flagship showroom, Copenhagen – Denmark

October 3rd, 2016 by retail design blog

Founded just before the turn of the century by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, two ambitious professionals with a penchant for high-quality design, their Normann Copenhagen brand gradually flourished into a full-fledged design company, creating a wide range of products that straddle the full scope of contemporary living. All this while, the company had been operating a store in Copenhagen’s emerging Østerbro district. Initially a modest space, it was later relocated to the lofty premises of a former cinema a few blocks away, a decision that further cemented its rep both home and abroad as a leading design destination.

And now, little over a decade later the combined Normann Copenhagen flagship and showroom has been quite spectacularly reinvented to provide the ultimate backdrop for its coveted offerings in the years to come. The new design, created in collab by the company’s brand manager Britt Bonnesen and danish designer Hans Nornemann, the decor is a leap forward into an understatement that’s anything but void of evocative details. The building’s original classic elements have been restored, touched up, and then effortlessly embedded in a palette of shimmering steel, epoxy and coloured acrylic, thus creating a visual tension that’s more than just easy on the eye.

The premises measure a palatial 1,700 sqm. [18,299 sq.ft.] and are divided into four distinct sections: foyer, stage, ballroom and gallery, and each elaborates on a section of the product range with a setting of its own. But the splendour we’re talking, actually kicks off immediately upon entering the store, right there in the metal-clad foyer. Furnished quite effectively with merely a 20 meter-long rope sofa and a row of identical ceramics. The elongated space leads to the stage where daily fiction, a collection of stationery that was launched earlier this year, is paired with the new materials library in a candy store-like setting that’s adorned by no less than 160 amp lamps.

The sense of adventure that Normann Copenhagen’s new interior instills, acquires a sudden edge of sensuality when heading down a metal shaft down to the gallery space. Amidst a pink-lit scenography with specially commissioned soundtracks by artist Nina Holmgren, a swell sofa and a number of other selected designs beckon to be admired up close. Similarly to the ground floor, the subterranean domain is interspersed with fashion items – we’re talking curated statement pieces – that add up to the ultimate lifestyle experience Normann Copenhagen has managed to uphold so effortlessly all these years.

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