Modular chandeliers by Plumen

November 15th, 2016 by retail design blog

Lighting brand Plumen has launched a self-assembly kit that lets people build their own modular chandeliers without using ceiling hooks. The Plumen Chandelier is built using a set of spacer rods, which create the supporting triangular or square framework. These hold the cords in place, and combine with a ceiling rose to hold either three or four pendants.

The spacers can be placed at different angles to create combinations of pendants at contrasting heights. The ceiling rose can be fitted with any of Plumen’s bulbs and shades. Depending on how much customisation is needed, chandeliers can either be purchased as a full kit, or as a set of roses and spacers. The spacers are also available to buy as single units, or a kit of three or four.

Since it launched its signature low-energy light bulb in 2010 – the recipient of a Brit Insurance Design of the Year Award in 2011 – Plumen has gradually expanded its range. It now offers several bulbs, including an LED light with a gold-coloured shade inside the bulb, and an Edison-style design that it claims has a lifespan of 25 years.

“We’ve now built a large range of Plumen bulbs, shades and accessories that are compatible with our modular range,” said Plumen co-founder Nicolas Roope. “The spacers add the option to create coordinated chandeliers, they turn our individual pendant lights into impressive architectural compositions.”

Other recent additions to the Plumen range include pendants decorated in miniature bunting, aimed at children, and a hat-brim shaped shade in several metallic finishes.

Design: Plumen

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