IVF Fertility Specialists by Lab4 architects, Athens – Greece

August 31st, 2017 by retail design blog

IVF Fertility Specialists, two gynecologists specialized in in-vitro fertilization, are located in Chalandri, Athens and they opened officially their new medical studio in May 2017. Lab4 architects (Georgios Gougoulakis and Harris Souliotis) undertook both design and construction of the new company’s premises. The doctors’ desire was the creation of an operational environment with clean spaces and soft colors, which would transmit serenity and safety to the patients who visit it.

The total area of 124 square meters is consisted of the waiting room and reception, as well as two offices. Each one of the two offices has its own examination room as well as its own restroom for the convenience of the doctors and the patients. The dynamic figures in the waiting room give out a sensation of movement which, combined with the use of the color palette as well as the linear LED-lights, create an implication of balance and calmness.

Due to the rectangular arrangement of the space as well as the big length of one of the sides, the surface is divided into four smaller sectors in order to solve the problem of the disproportional dimensions. The objective was to create new spaces which interplay in terms of function being harmonious through their new dimensions. Both offices have natural light because of the outer glass surfaces, while for the lighting of the waiting room are used inner glass doors of 2.20m X 1.00m and three perpendicular glass openings of 2.20m X 0.20m.

The materials and the colors were chosen so as to convey a modern and gentle vision of the space. The main colors in the majority of the surfaces are the white and the deep petrol which embraces the waiting room and the reception. On the other hand the combination of the white and the dark grey which were used in the doctors’ offices gives mostly a sensation of security and safety.

Design: Lab4 architects
Photography: Anestis Papakonstantinou

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