Tommy John Office by Float Studio, New York City

September 8th, 2017 by retail design blog

Float Studio designed the offices of men’s underwear company Tommy John, located in New York City, New York. Tommy John is a rapidly growing startup with a focused approach to something that’s not usually given much thought: undergarments. With a subdued color palette and artful barriers that delineate spaces without putting up whole walls, we designed a versatile, utilitarian space for them – an environment to mirror their product in its refinement without indulgence.

We wanted the space to be a brand experience as soon as you step off the elevator: the company mantra lines the hallway and escorts you into the main space, used both as a PR showroom and a common area for employees. Modular walnut boxes are stacked up to be used as either seating, storage, or as a platform for modeling product by the glow of soft, warm light. A dedicated product showroom, cased in glass, is set up like an everyday-man’s living room with furniture perfect for lounging and drawers full of Tommy John products to sift through.

The office space is separated from the showroom by three concrete volumes capped with brass-framed mirrors. These imposing slabs keep the space airy and open and add masculine design elements without diving too deep into the rustic/reclaimed archetype. Garish structural columns are also turned into design elements with custom down-lit screens that highlight instead of hide. All the long tables, high work tables, and high-back benches found throughout the office are custom designed by us specifically for Tommy John.

The kitchen is bordered by leather-accented banquettes and polished concrete tables but is otherwise left bright and uncluttered to leave employees room to decompress. The finance and accounting room, with its hazy forest-silhouette wallpaper, is so serene it could double as a meditation room. The driving factors in our design philosophy were what was most important to Tommy John – approachability and comfort.

Design: Float Studio
Photography: James Ransom

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