YAN juice packaging by Backbone Branding

September 28th, 2017 by retail design blog

Backbone Branding’s collaboration with SIS Natural juice manufacturer started years ago, by developing a new juice brand YAN. As a result was developed a unique glass bottle which immediately put the product into premium category.
The concept of the bottle was designed based on biomimicry principles: bitten apples put one after another which serves as a visual feature for the shape of the bottle. This way of arranging the bottles allows for a significant save of space both on shelves and in a container.

Last year our client made a challenging decision to enter a new market and to revise the whole brand. For this purpose, a new label for the new organic juice line was designed, with application of a stylized calligraphic inscription “Yan”, as a thin grass reed reminding the nature. Recycled paper is used for glass bottle label. The brand concept is “Organic in Everything” which has served as an impetus for the new line of Yan brand.

Design: Backbone Branding


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