Shenzhen ZhongJing Financial Innovation Center by PleasantHouse Design

October 23rd, 2017 by retail design blog

The Project is seated in Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park, a start-up base at the forefront of the city. In the light of the booming, day-and-night bustling and fiercely competitive financial markets, PleasantHouse design team intends to create for businesses a simple, elegant and stylish office environment, where people involved feel refreshed and released from all stress amid the purely balanced atmosphere, enjoying pleasure even in work.

The property is located at the 24th and 25th floors of the building. Against the sweeping views, the original indoor space is structured in a seemingly cramped manner. After further considerations, the design team fully utilizes the interior partial raised space and two-sided sloped roof, and makes reasonable arrangement of flow for the plane layout. By managing the cadence with proportion and dividing views with lines, the office space is given with due harmony and order.

The overall space manages to offer more relaxing and quiet and less flashy. It emphasizes the use of pure materials to reflect the taste and neat lines to broaden horizon, and banishes any complex decorative element. Dominant tone of pure white and plain wood bring about fresh and nature feelings. The combination of sunlight and transparent materials relieves the stress during work and creates an atmosphere of elegance.

The vertical wooden grilles allow soft flow of shadows, implying a trace of Chinese flavor. The textured brass and luminaire elevates the temperature delivered by the design in details. The high-floor rest area has bright floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the entire Park. Lemon yellow and peacock blue interspersed in the space spark the vitality and add poetic flavor and spice to the busy working atmosphere.

The design works not only to create interface and plan for the space, but also to allow people involved to benefit from the subtle influence from the environment. Hopefully, people can spare themselves some time from everyday competition, and enjoy the tranquility standing by the windows till the night.

Design: PleasantHouse Design
Photography: Yan Ming

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