45cm luxury skincare center by NE-ON, Beijing – China

November 11th, 2017 by retail design blog

“Les Nymphéas” (The Water Lilies) is a series of approximately 250 oil paintings by French Impressionist painter Claude Monet. Every season, everyday typology was depicted, revealing the eternal beauty of these flowers and nature. These paintings inspired the design of the new center in Beijing, China, because 45cm Skincare is a professional and medical consultancy in pursuit of a healthier skin and revealed beauty.

The center is divided in 3 main areas:
The Lounge: a welcoming space for KOL presentations, gatherings, or a relaxing time around a cup of herbal tea. It is an oval-shaped-room with a floor pattern that extends to infinity. Upside-down water lilies lights are the focus point of the room. The furniture has been specially designed and custom made for the brand. The Y-shaped sofa is made of 3 identical pieces that can be disassembled when events are taking place. The armchairs are inspired by water lilies blooming. The lounge is surrounded by 6 semi-opened quick-treatment rooms.

The Doctor’s Rooms: before starting any treatments, patients are invited to meet a doctor in a private room, to get a medical analysis of their skin status. It is important to combine an intimate and private atmosphere with a professional image. The Treatment Rooms: patients are guided through dimmed corridors to their room. Curved walls, rounded columns and indirect lighting create an intimate and relaxing mood.

The central VIP room is a stand-alone building inside the center. It glows from inside, with indirect lighting behind a pastel pink perforated metal wall. The cube is surrounded by water that brings a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The 45cm Skincare Center offers a unique experience: a destination where you can learn, care, and share.

Design: NE-ON
Photography: Derryck Menere

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