AIGLE opens all-new Concept Store at ifcMall, Hong Kong

November 29th, 2017 by retail design blog

AIGLE opens all-new Concept Store at ifcMall. Decked with French Patterned Ceramic Tiled Tredemark Logo. To Present a new French Lifestyle Retail Experience. For over 160 years, AIGLE, the French lifestyle brand known for its well-preserved design heritage has since revamped its K11 store in Tsim Sha Tsui into a globetrotter-themed concept store; a world’s first. This year, designers have put minimalism in mind, transforming AIGLE’s IFC store in Central with a new location on the 3/F, which is a sophisticated fashionable mall in the CBD.

Taking advantage of the store’s location at the corner near the escalator, designers meticulously combined simplistic decorations, a modern and stylish beige design, and with embedding the AIGLE’s exclusive patterned ceramic tiles from the flooring, to the wall design, and also the exterior wall in metal cutting materials as embellishments at the façade. As one enters the store, designers strive to recreate a French experience for customers by taking inspirations from the Paris metro mosaic wall, together with the boots bar with sky light background. Four Main Artistic Interior Design Areas to Showcase the French Quality of Life. The all-new ifc concept store combines modern and stylish designs.

It distinguishes itself from other stores with its unique folding door design, creating a welcoming façade, spacious and wide retail area within the store, as well as a sense of transparency across the space.

Instead of using them exclusively on the floor, designers cleverly use the patented AIGLE patterned ceramic tiles on the walls as well. Served as the backdrop of the clean, white wardrobes, the tiled wall is also used as a presentation of this French icon. Also, considerable thought has put into the doorfront and exterior wall design, using metal cutting materials as embellishments, the AIGLE ceramic tiled logo is placed seamlessly at the storefront, blending the whole modern design together.

Logo Wall
As one enters the store, the “logo wall” is something difficult to be amiss. The designers strive to recreate a French experience for customers by taking inspirations from the Paris metro mosaic wall, bringing the authentic French retail experience to the fore.

Signature Bootbar
On top of that, the brand new boots bar on the side of the store are fitted with classic, aged wood design. The natural light which goes into the store transforms the symbolic area into a greenhouse, adding the nature-loving part of French lifestyle into the retail experience.

The all-new concept store combines modern and stylish designs, an intricate effort from the design team and a collection of French lifestyle apparels, bringing this Francocentric retail experience to all customers. They will experience the century-old stories of AIGLE and meaning behind the brand’s products.

Design: AIGLE
Photography: Michael K

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