Abracadabra packaging by Noreste

February 22nd, 2018 by retail design blog

Design studios bring projects to life based on their client┤s needs. However, what if you┤d like to explore new and challenging design paths, without depending on an external request that could activate these ideas? We decided to launch our own product, an object intended to become a Christmas present. We developed a line of 7 perfumes with their respective packaging, indulging the senses through a main protagonist, ‘Alchemy’; where mysticism and magic are verbally and graphically conceptualized throughout the design.

Avoiding slideshows in web pages and presentations, we are able to show our creative potential from scratch, creating a product with a personality, able to portray our identity and essence through a complete and unique experience.

Designed by Noreste

Fendi shop windows, Milan
Fendi shop windows, Milan
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