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Honey Concept by Arbuzov Maksim

November 5th, 2013

Natural forms is the best way to show naturalness of product. You need to have only form that to understand what is inside of package. Honey must looks as honey. That is why this package is so simple and clean. You have to enjoy the smell and taste of Honey. Nothing more should not bother you.

Parxet 92th anniversary bottle by Cristina Vila Nadal

November 4th, 2013

Parxet 92th anniversary bottle. The main objective of the project was to signal the year of celebration and break from classical typographic structure that had been used in years before.

The Little Chocolate Company packaging redesign by MEMO

November 1st, 2013

The Little Chocolate Company packaging redesign by MEMO

3 Dutch Farmers Crisps packaging by SoGood Design

September 30th, 2013

The name was developed for the international travelers. The typical Dutch theme is visualized by a tulip shaped cutout. It underscores the authentic and natural character. The product itself is seen through the transparent foil.

Philab cosmetics packaging by Chris Trivizas

September 29th, 2013

Philab cosmetics packaging by Chris Trivizas

KAMEDIS skincare design proposal by Koniak Design

September 27th, 2013

KAMEDIS skincare design proposal by Koniak Design

Figula wine’s 7 Hektár label design concept by Attila Kovács

September 26th, 2013

Figula wine’s 7 Hektár label design concept by Attila Kovács

Wine 2012 packaging from STUDIOIN

September 25th, 2013

The topic of the year is Apocalypse. In this regard we decided to celebrate this new year with much eclat like tomorrow never comes. Being inspired with this idea we created a label design which shows the most popular “14″ of scary scenarios from natural disasters to absolutely not real freaky tales.

Calle street soccer shoe packaging by Jesse Lindhorst

September 24th, 2013

Calle street soccer shoes are the first of their kind: laceless. I pushed to reflect this in the package design by making an unconventional but highly memorable experience, from the opening of the package to keeping some of its elements for later use, such as its monstrous illustrated flag. Sleek. Vivid. Powerful.

Just for Kids food range branding by Elmwood

September 23rd, 2013

Imaginative and colourful, without being too obscure, the simple, engaging illustrations often show interaction with the food, while the use of a textured background gives the sense of a tablecloth that children would be drawing on and letting their imaginations run away with them. This combined with the clear, honest tone of voice and a hint of gentle humour hits just the right note with children and parents alike.

FOOD BRANDING! Onuma Honey branding by akaoni Design

September 22nd, 2013

Onuma Honey branding by akaoni Design

FOOD BRANDING! My olive tree identity by mousegraphics

September 21st, 2013

We named the product, “My olive tree” because this is exactly what it is: the precious olive tree which, identified with one family tree symbolizes the bonds, efforts and legacy of this one family and is offered to a number of other such families around the world, in the form of an ‘olive oil’ present.

FOOD BRANDING! COOK identity and packaging by Mundial

September 20th, 2013

COOK identity and packaging by Mundial

FOOD BRANDING! Santa Cruz BBQ restaurant identity by Anagrama

September 19th, 2013

The hand-made quality of the logotype and overall identity is meant to praise the careful, traditional and apprehensive food making process of Santa Cruz.

FOOD BRANDING! Illegal Burger visual identity by Isabela Rodrigues

September 18th, 2013

Illegal Burger is a burger joint located in Oklahoma. We created a visual identity full of icons and aesthetic of the world of crime with an amused tone. To this end, we created a texture and fill the elements of visual identity with these creations.

Fieventwentich brand identity by Janina Dröse

September 18th, 2013

The brand identity reflects the traditional production. Furthermore, it should differentiate the brand from the competitors, which deal with the usual mass production of soap. Janina Dröse created a broad range of stationery, printed collateral, and packaging.

FOOD BRANDING! 17 PUREST pineapple cake by ANGLE

September 17th, 2013

Packaging to emphasize on reduction and brand characteristics at early stage have been gradually been established brand image basis and have been promoted successfully in overseas markets.

Bigagnoli Wines packaging by Onice Design

September 16th, 2013

A geometrical black and white pattern, different on each product enhances the luxury of the wine and embraces the bottle in a precious texture.

Kozlik’s Mustard Powder packaging by Joel Derksen

September 12th, 2013

Launching in the US in mid-late 2013, Kozlik’s Mustard Powder takes the amazing flavour Canada knows and loves and makes it available to the masses as a powder. As a challenger in the mustard category, Kozliks wanted a package and presence that was dramatically different than the competition. Bold, gourmet, contemporary.

Moon Valley Organics rebranding & packaging by Partly Sunny

September 11th, 2013

Our approach centered on the idea of folk wisdom—simple, time-tested and connected to the earth—to present their products as both wholesome and effective. We combined this with a fashionably fresh color palette to stand out in a drab sea of natural products.