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Flow:we designed a coherent linear corridor to connect different functional blocks in series, ensuring efficient use of space area and convenience of circulation. Different design are used to deduce the parts of the corridor, making the space more fluid and trying to bring more diversified and rich experience to the linear corridor.
Vivid:The delicate and textured materials and the delicate and clean texture of the space itself, and the green plants full of vitality are implanted everywhere in the space, creating a comfortable, warm and trustworthy overall atmosphere.
Soft:We put transparent U-shaped glass and art glass into the flowing solid wall. Dim light penetrates through the glass, softening the whole space.

Area: 230 sqm
Completion date: July 2021
Design:Nazodesign Studio
Project team: Tian Shaoyin, Zeng Yuxian,Li Ran,Huang Kaifeng,Zhang Qing
Decoration Design:Zeng YutingLuminaire: Dan Ti Hong
Material and brand:Cement, BENTU,Techsize
Photography:Misae Hiromatsu, Yuming Song (Beijing Ruijing Photo)

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