folding A-part by Mika Barr

May 12th, 2011 by retail design blog

‘folding A-part’ is a project that deals with print as an outline to fabric’s structure. An exploration and research performed by israeli-based Mika Barr, the development is a series of textiles that fold, fracture and turn in three-dimensional ways, derived from a flat printed pattern.

The initial interest for the project came from Barr’s research into the relation between geometrics and organics, and her observation of flowers and different structures in nature, exploring the relationship between printed material itself and the image it creates. This investigation evolved into a textile manufacturing process in which a 2D image defines the dropping and folding of fabric. The light and elastic textiles are hand-dyed and then screen printed with an inflexible material that indicates the fabric’s movement, creating a new, three-dimensional textile structure. While ‘folding A-part’ is hand-made (dyed and printed), the technique has been transferred into industrial production through Barr’s studio. Besides forming sculptural elements, the textiles can be designated for use in various fields including furniture.

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