Isis Australian Offices by KANNFINCH, Melbourne

October 27th, 2012 by retail design blog

Commercial Interior Designers aim to plan and design for their client’s business strategies and brand values. While some may argue that a national, or for that matter, a global roll-out of new office designs for one organization, should result in matching or repeated outcomes, KANNFINCH have delivered 6 (and currently designing the 7th ) Australian office for IsIs which are each quite different – and very successful.

There are many common desaign features in the various offices. These deliberate consistencies are the result of IsIs’s strong brand drivers and corporate values. most notably is that of their EsD principles. Each office has attained or awaiting formal accreditation of 5 or 6 star. Other universal design concepts include:
• the emphasis of IsIs’s construction skill illustrated by specification of diverse rang of metaerials, systenms and detailing
• transparent meeting rooms correlating with their transparency in business,
• lounge and breakout areas designed to fostering relationships,
• innovations in work style as part of their aspirations to not only transform spaces but also the project experience.

In designing and planning the offices, KANNFINCH sought to ensure each office was not of the cookie cutter approach and that they would be suitable, functional and appropriate for their specific context and the people. The context and people influence the culture, behaviour, aspirations and business processes of each office.

The context of a workplace environment should consider the location; the city, the street and of course the building in which the office will be. These design inputs will inform the planning whilst also setting goals for views, finishes and allow insight into the staff, their clients and visitors.

The people who inhabit the spaces and clients who visit has also informed each office fit out across. Their lifestyles, personal aspirations and working behaviour meant some offices had more breakout space, smaller or larger meeting rooms, various workpoint configuratoions. measuring the level of occupancy, preferred proximity of groups, along with meeting room analysis meant that KANNfINCH planned each office to suit the specific groups – beyond incorporating what the client included in the initial brief.

Photographs: Courtesy of KANNFINCH

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