Madison Perfumery Christmas window display, Bucharest

January 25th, 2013 by retail design blog

Our point of view about this shop window: nice, attractive and complex.Complexity results from the 2 months and 2 weeks for the preparation of the props for “Stardust”. It’s a window that follows the actual trend started by the big department stores like (Selfridges, Macy’s, Lafayette, Bloomingdale …) who replaced products and mannequins for the Christmas display with fairy tales reproduced with the help of: miniature scale or real size characters, props and display ambient. A balanced composition exposed in 2 acts, easily remarkable both daytime and nighttime.

The design and concept work was performed by Alina Dobre who briefly indicates us the theme, accessories, props and the symbolic name of the windows “Stardust “. “We are made of” stardust “, composed of substances” landed “on Earth millions of years ago thanks to excellent transport: comets.”

It is a story in two acts of magic and alchemy, dream and reality. Of the earth, where the universe is seen more closely, a boy climbs the ladder of Harmony, up to heavens to collect his beloved a Star. The full moon with a gentle eyes is watching over them. Girl gets the star and with her alchemical powers transforms the star in a child and presents him to the Universe.

The shop windows props were made of : tulle, lace, sequins, buttons, beads and some feathers The characters were made of cotton, silk, organza. Moon of paper, wire, lace, organic, crochet, sequins, glass beads, mohair. Illustration background and trees on poles, were printed on canvas.

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