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May 22nd, 2013 by retail design blog

It was through years of searching for a small and simplistic pendant to suit her projects that led interior architect Joanna Laajisto to design and create her own. “When the idea of designing a light fixture started to form in my mind, I knew what it had to be: expressionless but interesting, and classic but modern all at the same time, which is true to my design aesthetic.”

Although Laajisto knew what she wanted, the design process was not easy. The name ‘Edit’ was born through countless hours of designing, revising and editing. The result is a clean and minimal design that effortlessly lifts any space. The lamp is available in pendant and wall mount versions. “The idea that the light could be fixed to the wall was especially intriguing to me. Wall lamps create a very special ambience”, says Laajisto.

The Edit Wall Lamp, attached to the wall with a simple metal bracket, provides task lighting over a table or next to a cozy chair. The classic and simple design makes it a decorative feature on its own. The delicate size of the Edit Pendant Lamp allows for mounting in clusters over a table, yet works just as well as a single light, when the classic form really comes to life.

Available in a range of finishes from black painted steel to a combination of black and either brushed steel or brass, the lamp has the ability to suit an array of interior styles. The lamp is handmade in a small workshop in Estonia, ensuring that from concept design to production, the lamps are created with care and attention to detail.

Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio
Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio is a Helsinki based design firm that, in addition to product design, specializes in creating commercial interiors and brand identities for the retail and hospitality fields. Joanna Laajisto, the founder of her namesake studio, is a Helsinki based interior architect and designer who believes in creating environments that will last more than a passing trend. Driven simultaneously by functionality and aesthetics, Laajisto’s philosophy is not to clutter the world with unnecessary things, but to find and enhance the hidden beauty of each space through creative solutions.

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    Where can I order Lamp by Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio wall lamps, I am based in Melbourne, Australia.
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