Mikkeller & Friends Bar by Rum4 and Studio-K, Copenhagen

June 8th, 2013 by retail design blog

One Copenhagen location that is already established as a destination for beer lovers and design enthusiasts alike is Mikkeller Bar, in the Vesterbro neighbourhood. In 2010, teacher-turned-brewer Mikkel Borg Bjergsø worked with two of his former students to start their own brewery and open a bar. Now, the Mikkeller family has expanded with a new bar and bottle shop Mikkeller & Friends opening up on Stefansgade, in neighbouring Nørrebro.

Two interior designers were commissioned to create ‘the perfect but untraditional surroundings’ for the new location. Kristian Lillelund (Rum4) and Karsten Lülloff (Studio-K) worked collaboratively to rethink the idea about a classic ølhalle (Danish beer hall) and realise a delicate interior with a contemporary Scandinavian feel.

‘We’ve created a modern ale house from raw materials with a masculine expression and different kinds of standing and sitting areas, that makes it possible for the guests to create their own intimate space without being isolated from the rest of the bar,’ says Lülloff.

The design duo used untreated plywood to build a natural, inventive universe. The bar is located in a cellar and yet has been instilled with a light and airy atmosphere thanks to the uncoated wood and the use of a singular colour – a fresh turquoise that spreads across the floors and selected furnishings.

Custom-made wooden benches, tables and stools, together with the panelled bar front and hanging light boxes, have a simplicity of design used to striking effect to create structured lines throughout the space.

As customers wander through the small bar, with its interconnecting corridors, they discover the adventurous details, like the enticing circular hanging seat and the cosy enclaves. Running along the side walls is a shelf with rows of simple panelled doors that customers can open to sit within a secluded space, and can be shut when ‘closing time’ is called at the bar.

Another discovery for guests, along with the 40 beers on tap, is the adjoining bottle shop where Mikkeller’s own range of beers are lined up in the beautifully-labelled bottles, just waiting to be taken home.


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