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Who does not love kids and babies? Or at least be attracted to their lovely tiny cloth. Located in the heart of Taipei, Chouchou babies and kids is a select shop that offers high-quality cloth for babies and kids. “Chouchou” in French means dearly and lovely, “Every child is parent’s chouchou” said the owner, they carefully select the kid brands around the world and only choose those they will give for their own kids. The origin concept of this exquisite design started by the store owner’s love for kids. The designer, Studio Oj, focusing on making a comfortable place for parents and kids to shop.

To do this, they created a number of different atmosphere, each presenting a separate zone for different ages. The experience starting from entering the store. With this big open space, designer divided into three sections: Babies cloth, kids and children fashion and the multi-function fitting area. Floor finishings are used to differentiate each zone: Concrete tiles for babies, wood laminate flooring for kids and fitting area. However, customers walk into the store with wood ceramic tiles which goes from floor to the wall and direct people’s sight to the store logo.

Based on the color psychology the designers select green materials which generate a healthy sensation, as well the selection of these materials will not be overwhelmed between the contrast of the colors and products. The materials are: Moss and Volvox Clay Paint. Moss is popular lately. On recent studies, Japan has been pointed out to have a “breathable Moss” which helps to purify the air of cigarette smoke, improving the air quality, as well removing the indoor air of harmful substances such as Ammonia, Acetaldehyde, and Acetic Acid.

Moreover, without soil and irrigation, water and nutrients can be absorbed by the surrounding air providing a long, free- maintenance care product. Volvox Clay Paint, an ecologically sustainable material consisting of natural clay, this German paint is completely odorless and becomes one of the healthiest choices for chemically sensitive people. As well it provides the Ecoflower label for high performance with high environmental consideration. During a visit to the space, you will be able to experience the warm contrast of materials, lighting, colors, and textures.

As well if you are introspective you can appreciate how the designers took advantage even of the structural properties; For instance, in the above picture you can see a house with a chimney, actually, the structure that seems like the chimney, in fact, it is a structural column of the building. The multi-function fitting area is an interactive space for kids and parents. The world map on the wall with city pin shows where the kids fashion brands are from. Kids love to hanging here playing with map, reading books; this is the place generating bonding moments between the parents and the children.

Design: Studio Oj
Photography: Ian Lin

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