I.T concept store, Hong Kong

June 17th, 2013 by retail design blog

When it comes to abundant sophisticated retail in Asia, Hong Kong increasingly rivals Tokyo’s array of noteworthy shops. Since 1988 retailer I.T has been a fixture in the local retail scene and for many it has spiced up the shopping experience with wide range of multibrand stores and designer flagships. With its latest venture, located in the basement section of Silvercord Mall, I.T introduces a tantalizing and hybrid shop-in-shop concept store.

It’s an extension of I.T’s original store on the ground floor, and can be accessed by using the existing entrance on the upper level. The shop-in-shop concept store covers an area of 6,500 sq.ft. [604 sqm.], and as the name already implies, it features differently designed shopping sections by some of today’s leading fashion brands.

The first brand area that shoppers encounter is SOPH. from Japan. Accommodated in a z-shaped area, wall-mounted mirrors create the optical illusion of bigger space. Grey cement is also used for the flooring, while black steel shelves match with lighter hued wood display tabletops and counters. Right next door is the Acne area, and in complicance with the brand’s retail aesthetics the space is painted in a soft pink. Silver display cases and linen mannequins are placed in the area to mimic a fashion workshop.

The following brand that awaits shoppers is Eye Junya Watanabe Man. occupying an area of 450 sq.ft. [42 sqm.], white is the prevaling colour here. Shapes and curves are highlighted, and to echo the brand’s store on ice house street, it also features a decoration screen wall. To the right the bigger I.T fashion space is situated.

The walls are decorated by a series of famous fashion icons such as photographer Andy Long Hoang, designer Rad Hourani and illustrator Ruben Ireland who all have created fashionable visuals for the 13th edition of I.T’s very own glossy read. This shop features cement-surfaced display counters and clothes hangers that look like plumbing pipes.

The look of the hysteric glamour shop is very compatible with its American streetwear merchandise and features a wooden floor, brick walls and black display cases, the area is surrounded with two neon light boxes, featuring the brand’s signature logos. Occupying a space in the very heart of the store is Thom Browne. Its outer edges are marked by white frames, while black, white and grey have been used as the main palette. Display cases, linen mannequins, shades and an office desk further enhance this section.


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