HEADQUARTERS! Adidas headquarters by PDM International, Shanghai

August 6th, 2013 by retail design blog

The principle focus of the steering team (consisting of Regional MD, CFO and HR Director) was design integrity and bespoke solutions for every corner of the office. This encompassed themed meeting spaces to express brand and image, creative pockets of working space to contain teams and breakout spaces that would enhance and shape a corporate culture in line with associated brand values.

The client facing areas were designed with a generic aesthetic as not to favour a certain brand line. However, the large showrooms dedicated to each brand were retail inspired and used as ‘mock-stores’ for training. Along with themed meeting rooms and functional facilities built around employee’s needs, the overall concept of the team player and Adidas’s athletic spirit was successfully captured.

Distinct business units were compartmentalised with shared facilities such as meeting spaces, utilities and storage pods providing boundaries. These in-between spaces were integrated into a cohesive workplace whilst promoting a fun and exciting brand experience and journey which, in turn, leads to an office landscape with depth, volume and accents of brand identity.

Typical office space was carefully balanced with collaborative spaces to integrate teams and increase interaction. Conceptually the space caters for Adidas’s diverse employee base by providing varying layers of formality and informality appropriate to the particular relationship.

A combination of bespoke and proprietary furniture was used to meet end user needs and concept design intent. It was also another opportunity to provide a point of difference for the overall workplace topography. Meanwhile, evenly distributed and unique hotspots provided collaboration areas on every floor. The central staircase binds all levels through an iconic ‘three stripe’ lighting feature that penetrates all floors. A stunning cityscape forms the backdrop to the staircase and pantry delivering natural light, inspiring views and acting as a social hub and transitional space shared by all.

The most challenging notion was to provide a balance between the individual and the collective. It was paramount that the separation of brands should not inhibit communication or general traffic flow and the central shared facilities were easily accessible.

The rigorous briefing and design process ensured Adidas’s aspirations were embodied in the workplace, both strategically and aesthetically. The design solutions that grew out of these interactive discussions with the client guaranteed a result that is unique, considered and particular to Adidas.

Design: PDM International
Lead Designers: Simon Park, Thomas Danet
Photographer: Hans Schlupp Photography


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