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The glimmering cycle between light and shadow is ever tempting. From opera to movies, those who are tempted by this have learnt to express their exclamation through those visual medium, which are concerned as art. As domestic AV system has became more popular nowadays, there are more audiences have chosen to enjoy movies in their cozy homes, sacrificing the sensual impact in cinema.

However, the messages that those movie creators wanted to express can only be completely transmitted through the ambience in cinemas. As per the request of the client, the design of the Broadway Cinema in The One shopping centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, is a modernized scheme along with present cinema facility blended with classic and luxurious manner of operas, which can be considered as the origin of movies. In the flowing current of time, audiences are allowed to reclaim the sensation in the darkness in theatres.

The ticket box counter located in the middle of the entrance lobby circles and emerges from the floor along its oval perimeter, and transformed into a “film roll” in white oak finish. The ceiling with bended stainless steel features above has immediately answer the visual theme by shifting into “cloud of films”. Cloud and rain are always in a league with each other, numerous of sparkling LED strips are suspended within the “film clouds”, as the spots of light circulate within, drizzle or even constellation are appearing upon the “sky”.

In an alternate point of view, the clouds can also be described as the curtain on stage hanging above, when expressed in form of stainless steel, its classic tone is simplified with this way of presentation. Moreover, in the midst of the cloud, a sum of sun beams made of crystal rods are launched, from the extra high square shaped ceiling opening. Audiences’ eyes will be filled with the shower of light then.

On the side of the lobby, an array of light boxes and automatic ticket machines are in disguise of huge stainless steel framed mirror, in addition of the residential looking wall lamps installed on top, audiences are able to enjoy the comfy home atmosphere though in a commercial environment. The color scheme of old timer tones such as gold, yellow and brown is either supportive or impacting towards the theme. Lavatories in cinema are usually a cold place that is ignored, but it has become a welcoming place in this cinema. After getting through the mysterious corridor decorated with grey laminated glass, what come in the first site are the many cubicles in beige vinyl finish, which is an interior presented in warm feeling. Strong contrast of light and shade is formed by stripes of grey stones and white mother-of-pearls in every cubicle.

Theatres are another spot that is often neglected, yet with proper design and the sincerity behind it, the long forgotten feeling of going out for movies can be regained again here. The fabric walls with light and dark tones are reminiscence of the light and shade stored in movie films, the soft contrast on them is not intended to provide any shock to audiences on the other hand. As well, designers have utilized the soft light of the retro looking wall lamps that scattered all over the wall to share some warmth to those who will stay awhile in this air conditioned interior. The styling with injecting classic touch into contemporary setting is simultaneously abstracting Tsim Sha Tsui’s evolution process from historic heritage to central business district.

Design Firm: One Plus Partnership Limited
Designers Involved: Ajax Law Ling Kit, Virginia Lung
Material: Emulsion paint, White oak veneer, Stainless steel, Fireproof fabrics, Acrylic stones, Marble, Laminated glass, Carpet
Photographer: Ajax Law Ling Kit

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