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A Sneaker Club. Behind this simple slogan is the new retail concept Scoop (86), an experimental concept launched by the Luxembourg-based company Asport. Specialised in sports clothing and shoes that are just perfect for a contemporary active lifestyle, Asport is exploring a hybrid retail concept that invites visitors to visit the store more frequently, spend more time there, personalise their purchases and become part of a cultural community. This approach is entirely new to Luxembourg, explains concept designer Stijn Nachtergaele, who is also the founder of Experimental Concept Agency Nightingale.

‘Scoop (86) is not only a sneaker store; it is more like a sneaker club,’ continues Nachtergaele. ‘Consumers are incentivised and immersed in the story of designer sports shoes.’ Scoop (86) in Ingeldorf has a glass façade on the street side, through which passers-by can discern a futurist pattern of white octagonal tiles, influenced by the art of origami. Inside, this powerful architectural dimension extends to the counter, which has been designed to reflect the same dynamic appeal. These stylised elements are given industrial counterparts in the interior through the addition of rough wooden flooring and sneaker walls executed in concrete.

In the lounge, next to the open-plan store area, visitors will enjoy a warm, relaxed atmosphere featuring Scandinavian design elements. This is also where the maker’s lab is located, a graphics laboratory where customers are invited to put their very own, unique stamp on their purchases. The two-fold design of Scoop (86) immediately immerses visitors in a multi-dimensional and multi-functional environment, which is flexible in terms of the product offering too: every month, scoops are launched – newly released sneaker models and exclusive designer collaborations.

At the very centre of the retail area, consumers are involved in yet another way: a mini-gallery with an audio tour and visual inspiration gives visitors insight into the design and manufacturing process behind every sneaker, from the creative brain of the product designer all the way to the store. Scoop (86) reinterprets the concept of a sports store: a bridge connecting the brand with the consumer, a meeting place where sneakers become dynamic products.

With a progressive vision of the future of retail, Scoop (86) strives to create an experience that offers content. Dream chasers wear sneakers. Eltipo is a graphic artist whose murals define a string of cutting-edge retail and hospitality interiors. Today, as an independent designer, Eltipo specializes in hand-drawn and computer vectorized typography, lettering, illustration and
graphic design.

Design: Nightingale
Photographer: Kris Dekeijser

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