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For this TU’s new store, we hope that the space design can also inherit the concept of 1000 Trees: green, natural, affinity and open. Therefore, we decided to treat the overall indoor space as an outdoor public space, create a sense of walking around the city streets, facing consumers with a more open attitude, reinterpreting TU’s inclusive brand concept, and welcome every customer passing by to stop.

We introduced three common elements in public space: large outdoor step, sunken plaza, and corner coffee shop. Through the combination of these three elements, an experience of being in the shade of the street and drinking coffee and communicating leisurely is created.

Project Name: TU, 1000 Trees Shanghai

Location: Shanghai, China

Area: 161sqm

Client: Shanghai Shiran Garment Co. ltd (Stefanice, Helina Xue)

Spatial Design: Tens Atelier

Design Lead:Tanen

Project Designer: Thomas

Design Team:Tanen, Thomas, Yui, Honber

Contractor: Shanghai Takuzen Construction Consulting CO., Ltd

Materials: micro-cement, diatom mud, washed-stone, micro-cement brick, stainless steel

Completion Time: Jan 2022


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