Suchef restaurant by I-AM, London – UK

August 15th, 2014 by retail design blog

Suchef is a progressive and innovative concept, bringing high-end restaurant food to an everyday, fast-casual environment. Situated in London’s St.Paul’s, Suchef celebrates the sous vide style of cooking as a healthy and modern way of eating, which is ‘sealed-in flavour’. Suchef offers a healthy, premium menu in a fast-casual, yet sophisticated setting. The concept is aimed at health conscious and trend-led professionals, which is reflected in the sophisticated and sleek design.

I-AM set about creating a space that is open, bright and modern. The bold orange branding makes Suchef instantly recognisable and the fresh colour complements the sophisticated use of copper touches and grey feature tiles. The ceiling also features a “light box” — a back-illuminated printed canvas with food-inspired design, which adds a textural graphic point of interest to the interiors. Since its opening, Suchef has been extremely well received by City workers who are hungry for something different from the norm.

Design by I-AM

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