SC FASHION showroom by Di Cesare Design, Shanghai

September 10th, 2013 by retail design blog

Theatrical, passionate, sensual, sculptural and constantly under transformation. This was the dna of the brand that the customer wanted to be explored and expressed in the new shop concept.
A chinese creative heart, a hybrid connection of the eastern heritage and the western glimpses for inspired collections of clothes that are mediums of strong messages on the body of strong personalities.

We played on the lace theme, a universal element that catch the eye of watcher with the hide-and-seek strategy, the must of sensuality and seduction. we explored all the possible transformation of the lace and applied it on several materials, from the custom 3d wallpaper to the 3d printing, from the metal laser-cut panels to the hand-made textile. In a variety of tints from the golden yellow to the cream, from the deep black to the champagne gloss.

Merged in this triumph of baroque the glossy burgundy-red lines work as a sign, a red lipstick writing, a trace of femininity that rhythmically orders the walls development. Each hanging displaying unit is enriched by a custom-made light set that is as unique as the brand dna.

A series of power led run along the brass case alternating orange and blue light. Distance, power and beam angles have been carefully tested in order to obtain on the surface of the products (where the flows of lights merge) a white light that literally “breath”, floating from warm white areas to cold white areas. This alternation of colors is reflected on the floor where the shadows get tinted.

The floor itself presents two different finishes, following the architectural layout of the space and arranging different thematic areas. Each part of the collection is displayed on a hanging unit and presented on an aside-mannequin that appears as an actor on a stage with a deep black background.

The idea of the stage is reinforced with the special pyramids that combined create a sculptural catwalk on which clothes, mannequin and accessories (fixed with a hidden system of magnets) play there roles.

Designed by Di Cesare Design

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