Fabrika Hotel by OK Plan Architects, Humpolec – Czech Republic

October 28th, 2013 by retail design blog

This building is located in the centre of Humpolec town, in its developed part near Havliček Square. The building’s spaces serve as a hotel with a restaurant, a wellness centre, and a conference centre. The new building stands on the place of several demolished previous constructions, and at the same time it is connected to the neighbouring renovated buildings of the MHA Company that is the owner of the hotel.

The construction has five floors and a basement, which serves as a common garage for cars. The restaurant is situated on the ground floor, as well as spaces for the central building administration. The conference centre occupies the entire first floor. Hotel rooms and the wellness centre can be found from the second to the fourth floors. The top floor acts as an access to the roof terrace. Accommodation capacity is 40 beds.

The main bearing structure is from reinforced concrete (columns, walls, ceilings, and girders) while peripheral walls are from brick blocks. Internal partitions are from SUPERTHERM and YTONG. Suspended ceilings are covering the HVAC conduits in most rooms.

The main three-flight staircase is from reinforced concrete. The stairs are prefabricated, indeed, with a surface treatment like exposed concrete. The flat roof has inversion layers with gravel on top. Some parts of the roof have timber terraces. An insulation system terminates the facade, which is plastered and partly covered with either expanded aluminium sheets or SARAYBOND black sheets. Also the windows are flanked with black sheets as well as the ground floor walls.

Architects: OK Plan Architects
Project Team: Luděk Rýzner, František Čekal, Marcela Susedíková
Photographs: Courtesy of OK Plan Architects


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