MUNICH store by CuldeSac™, Barcelona – Spain

November 28th, 2013 by retail design blog

The studio faces the creative challenge of generating a unique brand experience in an innovative space located in the Maremagnum shopping centre CuldeSac™ wrote up the concept and the development of the design project for the new boutique for MUNICH, a fashion and sport footwear company located in the Maremagnum shopping centre in the Port of Barcelona.

The historic Barcelona brand MUNICH has relied on CuldeSac™, one of the most revered studios in Spain, to create a dynamic and current space that is faithful to the company’s urban personality and capable of surprising even the most faithful followers of the brand.

The new establishment presents a change with regard to the other MUNICH boutiques. For the first time, the different product families, fashion and sport, come together into a single space to show off the firm’s entire portfolio. As such, always with the objective of differentiating the two MUNICH lines –fashion and sport– without losing the essence of the brand, CuldeSacTM has conceived an establishment 85m2 in size in which one can distinguish two ambiences very different from each other, like two sides of the same coin.

On one side, the side dedicated to the brand’s fashion collection, products are exhibited as if they were decorative elements enhanced by their wood finishings, evoking the warmth of the home. This ambience also serves as a way to overlook the history of the brand, which began in 1939, through some of its iconic models.

The sport line finds its place in a second area, framed by large, glazed and metallic shelves that allude to gym lockers. The exercise of interior design at this point emphasizes the values of quality and being on the forefront of design that has made MUNICH into a pioneer in manufacturing sports footwear, into a model brand in this sector. For its part, the ample collection of accessories –represented by fashion purses and lifestyle backpacks and suitcases for men and women– is present throughout the entire store.

This is not the first time that CuldeSac™ has collaborated with MUNICH. The studio is responsible for the innovative MUNICH Urban Boutique in Valencia, one more example of how a design solution can change the moment of purchase into a collective brand experience. These projects add to the long list of jobs by CuldeSacTM in the retail sector, where the company consolidates itself ever further thanks to its association with first-class domestic and international brands.

The recently premiered C.C. Maremagnum boutique is the firm’s fourth opening in Barcelona and joins the already extensive number of MUNICH stores. It is an example of how MUNICH bets on growth and expansion by positioning itself as a model brand in the fashion market.

Photographs © Jordi Valldaura (NYTT studio)

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