Sperry Top-Sider store by Callison, Natick – Massachusetts

January 22nd, 2014 by retail design blog

Sperry Top-Sider is more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle, dedicated to passion for a casual life on, in, and around the sea. When Callison was asked by Sperry Top-Sider to re-imagine the store for a new generation, they looked at their past and examined the brand’s history and roots. For decades Sperry Top-Sider has been steeped in a tradition of activities that take place on or around the sea. Callison recognized that the Top-Sider shoe transcended generations through a lasting legacy of performance and style. Truly an American Original, Top-Siders are a perfect example of the melding of function and fashion.

A newly designed Sperry Top-Sider opened in Natick, Massachusetts in July 2013. The 1,188 square foot store is reminiscent of a Nantucket beach cottage. The casual aesthetic of the layout captures the emotional and eclectic qualities of a family cabin passed down through the generations. Diffused natural light and weathered finishes, combined with handmade beach art and nautical-inspired collectables, set this relaxed tone.

Colors of the sand, sky and surf are everywhere. The interior is white-washed and rugged. On the ceiling are rough-hewn rafters and exposed studs, on the walls, weathered shingles and distressed wood. Abstract nautical design elements are scattered throughout the store. One of the most important aesthetic qualities in the new store design is the entry porch. A space inspired by beach cottages, it is intended to take the shopper out of the frenzied pace of the mall and into a calm atmosphere. The porch is a place to relax and watch the world go by.

The store itself is easy to shop. Fixtures were designed as pieces of furniture amassed over time. Flexible, multi-use wall displays welcome and engage the customer. The seating is relaxed. Instead of simple chairs or stools in the shoe section, comfortable, upholstered sofas and armchairs are offered up in their stead. A long bar displaying merchandise runs down one side of the store. Fitting rooms look like an outdoor shower you’d find on the beach. They are lined with shingles and outfitted with a (non-working) shower head—which functions as a clothes rack. The redesigned store is the embodiment of the Sperry Topsider lifestyle.

Founded in 1975, Callison is a global architecture firm in retail, corporate, mixed-use, urban planning, residential, hospitality, mission critical and healthcare markets worldwide. With more than 900 employees and offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Dallas, Scottsdale, New York, London, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Callison is one of the largest design firms based in the United States.

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    i am here working in Dubai, UAE, where can i buy one of those Sperry Top Sider Shoes and do you have branch here in DUBAI?

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    Where is the shop of sperry top sider shoes here in dubai?

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