Warendorf flagship store by Blocher Blocher Shops, Düsseldorf – Germany

March 14th, 2014 by retail design blog

Since 1973, the kitchen manufacturer Warendorfer Küchen GmbH (formerly known as Miele & Cie KG) has been standing for high-quality craftsmanship. Now, the company wants to emphasise
its DNA even more which consists of values like emotionality, creativity, quality and top service. Thanks to Blocher Blocher Shops, the Dusseldorf flagship store whit its 250 square metres sales
floor area lives up to those high values – and even more.

Dusseldorf. Warendorf belongs to the most beloved premium kitchen brands in Germany. For the company it is especially important that every kitchen is developed and realised individually according to the demands of the customers. This is not the only theme which the interior designers of Blocher Blocher Shops express in the store design. The colour white, open ceilings and a micro concrete floor create a loft-like, smooth space which harmonically connects the individual store elements.

Right-angled wall elements form the framework for the exhibited kitchens. From the outside they appear neutral but inside they are tailored to the different furnishing styles. This spatial design offers again and again interesting perspectives to the customers and invites them to a discovery journey through the different style worlds.

The heart of the 250 square metres space is the fully functional show kitchen. Framed by a large ceiling panel and greige tiles, a large wooden table draws attention; here, counselling interviews and events take place. The elegant luminaries and the adjacent lounge with its own fireplace add to the perfect consulting atmosphere. The so-called Creative Room is another expression of the high service competence.

Here, the customers can visualise their dream kitchens together with a Warendorf employee. The wall covering consists of different materials and samples which are used in the kitchen planning; so, the room itself becomes a showpiece. This also makes the Creative Room to a symbol for the individuality of the Warendorf customers whose very personal dreams are realised here. On the main sales floor, the Precision Wall, framed by furned oak, makes the quality and technical rigor of Warendorf tangible. Here it is possible to try out the different cupboard and drawer mechanisms.

The symbiosis of different design elements creates an individual, luxurious aura and enables the customers to fully immerse into the world of Warendorf. Not only in Düsseldorf but also in Berlin where another Warendorf Flagship Store by Blocher Blocher Shops opened recently.

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