Nudie Jeans Repair Shop, Gothenburg – Sweden

July 11th, 2014 by retail design blog

Swedish beacons of organic denim and sustainability, Nudie Jeans, last week added a second location in hometown Gothenburg, to their growing repertoire of highly successful Repair Shops. Located at Drottninggatan 49, the store is the 4th in Sweden, and 18th worldwide for Nudie, and supports an ambitious global expansion plan which over the last year has seen launches arise in London, Berlin, and a secondary location in Stockholm.

Nudie has demonstrated a natural capability for metamorphosing compact spaces into purposeful ergonomic, spacious feeling homes for the brand. Stockholm Jakobsbergsgatan, Melbourne Chapel Street, and West Hollywood all bear such transformations, and have settled into their neighborhoods like old-time fixtures. Gothenburg’s new launch undeniably follows suit. Standing at 55 sq. m., nestled on a street dating back to the 17th century, the space presented itself to Nudie as somewhat of a blank canvas, and this became the core of the project: raw.

Designed by in-house interior architect, Ida Toll, raw materials have been purposed and repurposed throughout. Wood flooring has been left untreated; raw tubular steel piping is resolved into clothing racks, hung by suspension natural leather straps; fitting room drapes are constructed from different grades of dry Nudie denim; and signature vintage furniture pieces are a nostalgic reference to Nudie’s past. Plates of raw copper and zinc are an innovative conversion into wall “canvases” for hand-painted brand signage; and a center floor denim display unit seamlessly integrates the cash wrap – a playful ironic suggestion of sleek modernism.

In every sense, the raw interior components are singularly destined to age and acquire character just like Nudie’s dry denim, and collectively are directly linked to the heart of the shop: the repair station. As Nudie states, wear and tear, and over time it becomes more beautiful. Indeed, the repair station is the focal fixture for the store, heavy equipped for business and prominently visible from the street – a clear indicator at the booming success of Nudie’s free repair service offered in its stores.

Nudie actively believes in extending the life cycle of garments, eschewing a throwaway lifestyle, and this philosophy has presented itself through Nudie’s Repair Shops as a tangible after-care service, creating a new standard in customer service for the future.

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