Relonch Camera for iPhone

September 23rd, 2014 by retail design blog

During the occasion of the Photokina – the world’s largest imaging fair, Sergey Korzhenevich, the CEO of Relonch announced a fully functional ‘made for iPhone’ photography device. Dubbed Relonch Camera, the module boasts a large APS-C-size sensor paired with a large aperture lens and a unique image processor, enabling users to take magazine-quality photos with just a click and share them on the spot with social media apps like instagram and facebook.

The Relonch Camera automatically connects directly though the smartphone’s lightning jack and saves captured images automatically to the iPhone camera roll. A ‘fancy photos’ feature creates images with crisp lines and accurate depth of field, blurred backgrounds, accents and balanced soft colors through the company’s downloadable app. The camera accessory can be pre-ordered at Relonch.

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