Metallic geology by Studio Swine

October 2nd, 2014 by retail design blog

Inspired by the long tradition of Chinese Landscape and its expressive depiction of mountains and rocks, Studio Swine’s ‘Metallic Geology’ collection brings elements of rugged landscape into the interior, drawing striking contrasts with the power of nature and the still sanctuary of interiors. Foamed Aluminium is created with injecting a gassing agent when molten, resulting in a very lightweight material that has the appearance of pumice which undergoes a similar process within volcanoes. The material is currently used for building insulation and in the automobile industry hidden behind walls and car bonnets; functional uses based on its structural properties.

In contrast, the ‘Metallic Geology’ cabinets display the intricate beauty of its material. The arrangement of the shelves reference the traditional tea cabinets, and with highly polished stainless steel surfaces which create the illusion of cavernous depths within. The cabinets are a synthesis of ancient Chinese traditions and the country’s contemporary industrial production. ‘Metallic Geology’ collection was commissioned by Pearl Lam Galleries.

Design by Studio Swine

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