LOUNGE by Francfranc store by A.N.D., Tokyo – Japan

October 15th, 2014 by retail design blog

BALS Corporation marked the 20th anniversary since they had established their own brand. LOUNGE by Francfranc is a laboratory flagship shop newly developed by Francfranc with a concept of ‘casually stylish’. They will enforce new challenges with a theme of ‘time, material and handwork’, including an art book store ‘TASCHEN’ and a cafe ‘MUG CAFE by Francfranc’ and more. We covered an inorganic glass curtain wall with the illustration of European maison image. By separating the illustration into two layers of black and white, and adding a subtle arrangement, it has made the facade three dimensional and given an overwhelming presence.

Inside of the store, we used a strong contrast of black and white into floor, wall and handrail of staircase. By using various different materials of black and white, and expressing the texture quality which is hidden inside the colors, we managed to give the depth into the space. We think that LOUNGE by Francfranc has become a spatial medium which informs the formal brand identity by keeping the colors both inside and outside at minimum and controlling a feeling of material quality simultaneously.

Photography: Nacasa & Partners
Design by A.N.D. / Ryu Kosaka, Ryo Onishi, Noriaki Tamura, Hironori Takeuchi

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