Jive Software working place by Office Principles, Berkshire – UK

October 16th, 2014 by retail design blog

Jive Software is a leading software collaboration platform developer. They wanted an office design for their UK headquarters which would inspire and motivate their employees. To do this, Office Principles created a colourful, quirky and friendly office, which encourages a feeling of warmth. The objective was to inspire and motivate employees and create the sort of environment that staff would keep wanting to come back to. Office Principles achieved this by blending wood, warmth and images of people to create a welcoming atmosphere. As you walk into the office, the first thing you see is the “experience zone”, an area where Jive can show enthusiasm for their products.

The meeting rooms and individual working areas are full of character, conjuring up a feeling of ease that will keep staff and visitors wanting to return. There are areas that suit the work habits of all personality types and generations, including an open plan office area, cozy individual work areas and welcoming meeting rooms. We also incorporated a beer tap and a pool table for those who wanted to stay behind and socialise for a few hours after work. And we created the iconic “this Tank Bubble counter” to keep the new “Jiverous” ideas rolling in!

Photography: Stuart Jefferson
Design by Office Principles

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