Grouse River store by Hatch Interior Design, Kelowna – Canada

October 23rd, 2014 by retail design blog

The relocation from a 3000 sq.ft. space to a brand new, 17,000 square foot, standalone store offered Grouse River a number of exciting opportunities. The significant growth in retail area meant that they could expand their product base from solely hunting products to include a large variety of outdoor and camping items, and ultimately reaching a larger target market in Kelowna, BC.

Grouse River tasked Hatch Interior Design with designing a space that is familiar for existing hunting customers, but also attracts a new, outdoor enthusiast clientele. The unique look and feel, comparable to boutique retail environments, was inspired by nature’s layers of earth, rock, and water; the concept is seamlessly translated in the built form crafting a space that is modern, yet warm and approachable.

A simulated riverbed weaves its way through the store from front to back guiding customers to continue exploring the merchandise while offering a functional division between the hunting and outdoor sections. The towering topographic ceiling, created using various layers of custom cut wood panels, anchors the expansive space and presents a stunning first impression upon entry.

The hunting and outdoor sections are separated by the main corridor, but maintain cohesiveness through the use of consistent finishes and retail fixtures. The outdoor section layout is dynamic with angled retail fixtures; the hunting section is utilitarian, with long department style rows for a no-frills experience preferred by an existing hunting clientele.

The footwear area is centrally located within the outdoor section. Raising this area and framing it with a faux rock outcropping provides a distinct presence to emphasize the high-end selection Grouse River carries. Various flooring finishes, elevations, slopes and a real stone boulder allow footwear testing prior to purchasing.

Stone elements, both natural and replicated, organic wood finishes, layered forms, stylized specialty tree displays, and custom imagery all enforce a connection with the outdoors. Every nook and cranny is influenced by design including the dramatic 60’ long firearms area complete with jewelry-style rifle showcases and an undulating retail wall developed specifically to increase linear display space.

With thoughtful consideration and great consistency, the design for Grouse River clearly communicates the company’s brand message, distinguishes their business among competitors, and most importantly, provides a distinct shopping experience for customers.

Photography by Lipsett Photography Group

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