NN•07 concept store, Copenhagen – Denmark

October 28th, 2014 by retail design blog

NN•07 has opened the doors to their first concept store at Gammel Mønt No. 7 in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. The 250 square meter facility with its 6-meter-high ceiling reflects NN•07’s brand identity and core values. This unprecedented concept store embraces everything from dedication to details to burning desires to surpass borders and blaze new trails.

Its handcrafted interior is a studied balance of designed objects and customized furniture made in a cooperation with Københavns Møbelsnedkeri. All material is carefully selected to create a warm, welcoming ambience within a sober, streamlined setting. Brass, marble, and concrete intermingle with warm, oiled wood such as ash and smoked oak; glass and black iron completes these elements and create a modern, sophisticated look.

”Just like our clothes – nothing is left to chance,” says Victor Lindh at NN•07. “All our experience and expertise should be apparent in our clothes and our store.” A walk-in-closet just like in a real home complements the warm and relaxed yet modern and sophisticated atmosphere of the store further. “Entering our store should give you the feeling of coming home – home to our brand,” Lindh continues.

We enjoy coming up with varying ways to expose our products. For example, the store has a gigantic wall of chinos and jeans, or an all-blue room in which all items are varying shades of blue. You should easily find what you’re looking for while becoming inspired by observing plenty of possibilities.”

Designed by NN.07 & Københavns Møbelsnedkeri
Photography by NN.07

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