Ammunition wine branding by BrandMade

October 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

Having been inspired by growing up in families of outdoorsmen, Daylight Wine Co. wanted to create a premium wine brand focused on targeting that particular consumer. It is a commonly known fact in the wine industry that 86% of retail wine purchase decisions are made by women. What isn’t often noted, however, is that the vast majority of on-premise (restaurant) by-the-bottle purchase decisions are made by men.

The “Ammunition” brand name was selected for its simplicity and easy recall within an on-premise wine list. From there, the design aesthetic was inspired from vintage ammo packaging from the early 1900′s. A masculine pastel color palette was developed to create clear product differentiation and to make the product stand out amongst a sea of cream, white & black labels. The capsules are a nod to the two-tone brass and copper finishes of a bullet.

The hero element of the branding, an eagle affectionately named “Rutherford” (in honor of an old family friend), was illustrated to convey the strength, tradition, and “American-ness” of the brand. The tagline “Wines of the Highest Caliber” drives home the message that something truly special lives inside this bottle. These elements, all playing in concert, create a uniquely masculine and premium brand appeal that is both distinctive in the marketplace and true to the gentlemen that inspired the brand.

Designed by BrandMade

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