Econ One office by Hollander Design Group, Los Angeles – US

November 14th, 2014 by retail design blog

Hollander Design Group has designed a new office space for Econ One located in Los Angeles, California. Although workplace trends over the last several years have resulted in a generally more open plan approach, the nature of this forward thinking firm of forensic economists’ work made it necessary to have their workspace be almost exclusively private office. The team was challenged to increase communication and Interaction within this highly cellular workspace while at the same time creating a space that reflected the client’s highly creative culture, all within constraints of a limited budget, compressed schedule and the shell of a typical office high-rise.

To increase communication and to make sure natural light permeated the entire space, perimeter and interior offices needed transparency. Although glass fronts would have accomplished this, budget constraints made glass impossible. After much discussion with the client, the resulting solution called for the perimeter offices to be visually screened while the interior offices would receive complete glass enclosures. Multiple smaller meeting rooms equipped with latest technology were dispersed throughout the plan to facilitate spontaneous collaboration and face to face communication with the firm’s other offices.

The largest meeting and lounge space which is able to accommodate the entire company was placed strategically in the center of the space, acoustically protected from the rest of the workspace to reduce disruption and providing access to the best views for all to enjoy. It facilitated the desire to have a gathering space that would bring everyone together.

Photography: Jasper Sanidad
Design by Hollander Design Group

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