Osaka Shoes store by Plotcreative, Macau – China

December 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

For several decades history is retailer which is a famous label Osaka Shoes in Macau. Interior design strategy adopted was to re-interpret the brand identify by re-visiting history elements in contemporary way. To develop this, design made use a metaphor of explained the shopping space like a ‘Shoes Library’ to compatibility between kids and adults of cyclopedias. Flowing vertical cyclopedias with an un-even depicted the shoes library and defined the visual identity for the façade. These features penetrated the shop front and became the indoors element. The fluorescent yellow for high-light to acted as the visual guidance and fashion aesthetics.

Row of floating cyclopedia with different size and heights created rhythm and strong visual attractions for the customers. Created are combining the geometrical composition of triangle wood, like a harmony mood. The interplay between white and wood element to provided an aesthetic.

Photography: Ek Wing
Design by Oscar Chan, Kylie Cheung, Sandy Lai at Plotcreative

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