Phi lamp collection by David Abad for B.lux

December 9th, 2014 by retail design blog

Phi is a family of organic aesthetic lamps that evokes the classic Scandinavian design. Designed by David Abad for B.lux, it offers warm and comfortable lighting which, because of the aesthetic and modular characteristics it recreates, forms lights and shades of great character. Its timeless and organic design allows the Phi lamps to be installed in any type of space, in both classic and contemporary interior design.

This new collection of lamps is manufactured as a table, floor, wall or ceiling lamp, as well as in three sizes of suspension lamps. All of them offer direct and indirect lighting, covered by an original diffuser that hides all the technical elements. Phi is equipped with LED bulbs as well as with low-energy (E27) halogen and florescent bulbs.

B.lux manufactures the collection of Phi lamps in white finish. The table, floor and suspension lamps come with textile cables in the same colour as the structure itself, thus seeking to create a natural harmony of colour. Phi is a new collection of lamps that is part of the Dec collection of the B.lux brand. The company B.lux, located in Spain’s Basque Country, has been a manufacturer of designer lamps since 1980.

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