Da Paolo Gastronomia store by Retail Access, Singapore

December 11th, 2014 by retail design blog

Retail Access was tasked to design Da Paolo Gastronomia’s pilot store in Paragon Singapore – an upscale shopping mall targeting the sophisticated shoppers. While the bulk of the business relies on the sale of its takeaway meal solutions, the new pilot store includes the design of a sit-down café area for its shoppers. The team’s strategic input was for Da Paolo to strengthen its positioning as a purveyor of accessible Italian gourmet cuisine, hence its brand descriptor, Everyday Italian.
Through analysis of the vicinity, we created a customised shopper journey that:
– attracts ongoing traffic by highlighting impulse and colourful products such as cupcakes, meringues and pastries
– guides shoppers through the full array of products by clear navigation signage and well thought through communication materials.

Photography by Elliott Lee

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