Recycled Christmas by Alexander Design, Shanghai – China

January 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

In fashion Industry, tones of fabric, leather and fur get thrown away because of the cutting methods, our concept was based on reusing “Recycling“ the leathers and fur by creating two story scenes “Before & After” from the entrance you see a typical Christmas family portrait with the big tree created from the fabric cardboard tubes covered with white fur to simulate the snow over it edges, In the back snow Is falling over which Is created from the cotton inside of the leather jackets, cut and shaped like a snowball.

Manikins are wearing leather and fur creating the style which is a mixture between classic and modern dresses “Neo Classic” the manikin structure was built form used Net “Soft Metal” in particular, On the Floor you can see red fabric which Is taken from NATURAL GIFT factory to add some Christmas spirit to the entrance, over the red fabric Is Christmas gifts created from the same “Soft Metal Net” inside they are full of fur and fabric. This scene resembles the Final design Products.

On the other end of the shop the big street window display, we created a huge snow storm falling on the two broken and unfinished Manikins which could be seen from the street outside, a cold sad story before Christmas, broken pieces, fabric on the floor and snow Is covering all the scene. Snow Is hold using a structure also build from used wood and fabric threads, the floor Is full of snow and fabric. This scene resembles the beginning of the design Process.

In the window display over the inside of the shopping center, we created Christmas tree balls with colors that fits the dark and leather style of NATURAL GIFT design, a hand made using fabric threats painted and rapped over a metallic structure attached to the ceiling using the same threads covered with cotton as if the snow is falling. Materials were the biggest player in the design, we wanted to make a design that can create a discussion about the possibilities and beauty of recycling, It is a relatively new concept in fashion design, not many designers have
produced or tried recycling.

Designed by Alexander Design Studio
Senior Designer Abdulkader Baradi
Designer Assistant Caterina Ceccarelli

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