aBorbély hair salon by munkacsoport.net, Budapest – Hungary

January 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

The name of the salon – „aBorbély” means „the barber” in english – determines his customers. This is a hair salon specially for men located in the center of Budapest. (Men do not look for a conversation partner, but somebody, who cut their hair.) So it’s possible to have a haircut or trim beard or moustache on four stations at the same time.

A little bit vintage, a little bit old school, a little bit raw design. Our ambition was to use the prototype of the American barbershop from the 50-60’s with the barberpole on the facade, the blue-red colour vigorous accentuation in the inside and on the portal, and repeating the typical barbershop stripes. Moreover the design is characterized by the black&white elements, the checkerboard floor and „subway tile” on the wall, old-fashioned furnitures, comfortable sofa and classic barberchairs. All of them bring the wellcoming, comfortable feeling, homey ambient and in addition elegant interior.
The size of this small salon precisely enough and rather comfortable, the guest area and other features work well. Downstairs there are workplaces, toilets and storage rooms, and a staircase – only for the staff – leads to upstairs, where there is a kitchen and some changing rooms for the company’s employees.

Design: munkacsoport.net

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