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These days, russians may have to think twice before they splurge on luxury goods, but having a jolly good time has very much remained on top of their priority list. Nowhere else in the country have options traditionally been as diverse and happening as in the capital Moscow, and even now exciting new places continue to pop up across town. One of the most striking newcomers to the city’s ever-changing hospitality scene is Holy Fox, a bar and restaurant in the downtown neighbourhood of Kitay-Gorod. The establishment occupies a lofty ground floor unit of a building from the 1930s with an austere façade.

The interior of Holy Fox, created by co-owner and architect Mikhail Kozlov, is one that has a distinct international style. Using the concrete shell to its advantage – the colour palette is demure with surprising pops of colour – the setting consists of warm, pure materials, and contemporary design that’s clean and functional. Upon entering holy fox one immediately encounters the bar, U-shaped with an imposing metal shelving system hovering over it. The fixture is encircled by sleek black stools and on one side other seating arrangements which look out onto the street. The bar section gradually transitions into a loungy space furnished with bigger, communal tables that allow dining en groupe.

The backdrop here is an eclectic mix of bare bricks, paneling of metal and wood, and a large decorative artwork. The light fixtures throughout the premises come in various forms, either blending in perfectly or adding a touch of visual drama. mind you, the eye for detail even extends to the design of the littlest of spaces here. Next to a lengthy list of drinks, wines and cocktails, the menu of Holy Fox features tasty asian-inspired fusion dishes, ranging from beets poached in red wine, steamed perch with noodles and paksoi salad, to succulent black angus beef for inveterate yet discerning carnivores.

via Superfuture

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