Modular Harley-Davidson space concept by Axis Design Maior, Milan – Italy

January 17th, 2015 by retail design blog

The main goal designing new modular trade fair kit concept for Harley-Davidson was to create an extremely modular system that fully represents brand values, while offering an intelligent design flexibility.

The new design follows a pattern of a subdivision in ‘islands’ that identify every branch of the H-D family. Each ‘island’ has a large portal in the center where graphic and LED media areas display to ensure an eye-catching presentation. The utilization of harsh metal, rough textured bricks and dark wood emphasis the masculinity and strength of the historical American motorcycle brand.

The modular Harley Davidson trade fair concept, which was developed and manufactured as comprehensive trade fair construction kit in 2010 for every single trade in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) adapts well to various trade-fair dimensions (from the smallest area size of 200sqm to a stand size of 1000sqm), requirements and functional needs.

Design & photography: Axis Design Maior

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